Thursday, April 11, 2013

IBook vs PDF

Wanted to clarify the difference between an iBook and the PDF file.

If you order the iBook, you will need an Ipad to read it. If you do not have an iPad, then you need to order the PDF from me, not Apple. I made the PDFs so that people who don't have iPads can read the book on their computers. Doesn't need to be an Apple computer. In order to view the movies, I set them up on YouTube. But this means you need a gmail account which is free and easy to get by going to Google and signing up.
I have misplaced the email from someone who did this. I would like to send you the PDF (free). Please send me that message again and I will set this up for you. Sorry I didn't get your message sooner, but had a family emergency and have been out of town.

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