Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cloud Series

These are watercolors done with more white gouache than I usually use but I went with it. They are 3x4 inches . I worked on them last week in order to meet a deadline for a MTA submission.
Wish me luck! One good thing about deadlines and submissions is that you get some work done!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bonita Springs Workshop

I enjoyed my week in Bonita Springs tremendously and was grateful for another opportunity to teach. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and I think we all learned a lot. I've come away from workshops with new friends and I hope it happens again this time!
As you can see the Art League was not only beautiful but well equipted. They even zerox machines to downsize drawings. Feedback was that they learned a lot about color and loosening up (brush strokes) both of which can be applied to any size canvas. I hope I can go back and do it again in 2010 or 2011. Whew! Workshops book so far in advance!
I got to see some of Bonita Springs, especially the beaches which were beautiful. The water was 82 degrees but felt even warmer to me.
One person had to leave early so she wasn't in the group picture. From left to right is Carolyn, Patsy, Laurie, Barbara, Marie, Lydia, Dave, Jan, Julie, myself and Marion.

I came away inspired to try a dry painting technique on a small scale. I'd like to think that I was given this inspiration in return for inspiring students in the workshop. Anyway, it's the best feeling. Can't wait to see what develops.
I have some pastel pencils from my textile design days which I will try first. Any suggestions?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Still Life with Garlic and Antique Cup

This is the first oil painting I've done since my husband had retired and since we've been back from Asheville, NC. I usually try and determine if my composing has anything to do with what is going on with my personal life. Here I see there are two groups of two. It's the first time I've set objects up with a definite path or space separating items. Could this be my husband and myself before and after (his retirement)?? Also, the two items in the background are opposites; one black one white while the two objects in the foreground are twins. To give you a little background about my husband's retirement: he wants to pursue his passion of photography. So now we are both "doing our thing"!!! Hope I haven't overanalyzed this!
Just a reminder about my workshop in Naples, Florida in a couple of weeks. It's 4 days and starts on May 11th. Please check my website or send me an email for more info.