Sunday, September 27, 2009

White Pitcher and Yellow Cup

Sorry for the lack of posting in the last few weeks (almost months?). I've been totally engrossed in producing my own oil and watercolor videos. I've sent them out to some venues for review and then may have to work on jacket covers?... Anyway I'm happy to get back to some painting. I will be leaving for Salt Lake City for a watercolor workshop and then some touring of the National Parks. Very exciting.
Most of the time I get to feeling like I won't remember how to paint just before I have to give a workshop. Just a case of pre-performing jitters. Now I can think I've got the video so at least some people will know that I really can do this stuff. It's great because so much is on the video and I usually forget to say all that when I'm trying to do a good painting. Then again stuff happens in a workshop that won't happen on a video. Anyway I'm blessed to be able to share with so many wonderful people. It's all good.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Accidental Deletion

OMG! I accidentally deleted my link to your blog! Please send me your address and I repost it!!