Sunday, October 28, 2012

Response from Russia!

I just received this in an email and want to share it with you. Dariya had two iPads in her family but couldn't download Watercolor Harmony because Apple doesn't have a bookstore open with Russia yet. So I made the PDF file for her and for people who don't have any readers. Responses like hers make all the work worthwhile. Here is what she said:

" I read a lot of books about aquarelle. All of them, both expensive and not so expensive gave me no clarity about how to work with paints, to choose paint for specific works. I thought the aquarelle technic is a secret knowlage and professionals don't want to share it. Some time ago I found Joyce's blog and saw her book advertisement. As I think that Joyce's works are amazing of couse I wanted to know how to approach a little to these masterpieces. The book answers my basic questions and gave me a confidence that I'll achieve good results. Reading the book and asking 'how' I've got the answer on the next page. I really sure that the author sincerely wants to share her knowlage and do it in understandable way. Between the lines I can read "You can and you'll do. Don't be afraid and try", this is the one of main principles of teaching.So even I've already read the book I open it again and again, look, think and train of couse :)"

If anyone has any questions that they have from reading the book, please feel free to ask them in the comments section or send me an email and I can repost it so everyone can read it! 

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