Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marjorie's Response

I was asking "How
can I be as good as you?" and "What do I need to do?"
I have made hard copies of all sent by you and Kristi so I can read and
reread. Thank you, Joyce, for your reply to the
question. It is great. The perfect answer for me. Just what I needed to
hear and to think about.
The book list is also very helpful. I will see if I can find them. I have
The Art Spirit and B. Edwards books.
About the workshop. I want you to know that I have taken many workshops and
this one seemed to be just for me.
It was like, all in a nutshell. Everything seemed to come together. It's
all there, in one tiny painting-- everything
to make a great piece of art. I came home with confidence that I can do
this. Thank you for a great week.
Went to your website and looked at your work to help me finish some I had
started. Thanks for including photos in
the emails. I was going to ask for them.
I know this is a long reply, but one last thing. I was impressed with your
knowledge, wisdom, and willingness to share.
Also, I felt of your goodness and enjoyed being in your presence.
Thanks again for everything.

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