Friday, February 8, 2008

Landscape #0626

Well, the still life that I set up yesterday and was excited about painting is still waiting to be painted. It was very cloudy this morning so I went to exercise class. I find it very difficult to see color on dark days and take care of other things on those kind of days. I wonder what everyone else feels about this? It did get sunny later on but I like to have all day to paint sooo I'm posting an older painting. This painting is from a favorite spot in Woodstock, NY. It's not far from where I once lived and so I had the chance to study it at all different times of the year. Knowing a place so well enables an artist to paint from memory as well as from a photograph.
Landscape#0626 is 3x3.75 inches, oil on board, POR


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

This is beautiful, Joyce. I was just looking through a book of the California Plein Air painters, and this reminds me of their work. East Coast/West Coast - doesn't matter - a good painting is a good painting!

Joyce Washor said...

Thanks Kelley!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hi Joyce... I'm still clutching your book around with me through out the house where ever I go, and as I said, I'm back with a few question's. Hope they won't drive you nuts ...

On page 14 you talk about you masonite boards. Do you cut them to size or are you purchasing them this size? are you gessoing them on the back also?

Also ...I love how you use a palette knife to create texture. I attempted this (reluctantly) on a painting that I felt was lacking ... wow, it looked so much better even with out adding any more to the painting(but I did). Can you tell me, what prompts you to use this method? would it be like me, when a painting isn't going just the way you'd hoped it would? or only when you want texture?

And my last question, for the day, is: on page 58 your shadow box has both a red cloth(the missing napkin the italian restaurant is looking for perhaps? *wink) and a white cloth. Is the white cloth a gauzey fabric to let some of the red show through, yet not be too red? I have some bright - very bright - napkins and I wonder if buying some cheese cloth etc. might help with the bright appearance.

Thank you joyce.........

Joyce Washor said...

I'm perfectly happy to answer your questions; it means someone has been touched by my paintings. What better place to be in?
So, to answer: I don't gesso the backsides, dont' think it's necessary. I'm fortunate to have a friend who is professional woodworker cut my boards to size. I just received a sample board from a company in Texas which they say is cuttable with a razor or utility knife. I'll do a blog about it once I see how I like it. And you're absolutely right about the palette knife and texture. I only think about it when all else has failed. There seems to be a lot of freedom in surrender.
Now that you point out the subtleties of the red and white fabrics I have to tell you that it was just laziness. I never meant for the viewer to see through or around the fabrics. In other works I was thinking they were not transparent.
Happy Painting,

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Thank you Joyce. Lucky you having a friend, a woodwooker, to cut your boards.