Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Red/Green Palette

Please read the posts from Feb 14 and 15th to understand this post

The greens are: Yellow- Green (Rowney Georgian), Sap Green, Permanent Green Light, Winsor Green, Permanent Green Deep, Raw Umber
The reds are: Cadmium Orange, Winsor Red Deep, Permanent Rose, Indian Red, Purple Madder,
Permalba White.
In the greens: Permanent Green Light is the true green, Winsor Green is the cool, Sap is the warm, Yellow-Green is needed to make yellow (see below), and Raw Umber is the dark neutral.
In the reds: Winsor Red Deep is the true red, Permanent Rose is the cool, Cadmium Orange is the warm, Indian Red is the light neutral and Purple Madder is the dark neutral.
There is no blue on this palette. The trick is to use the green that has a lot of blue in it; Winsor Green and a bit of white make a really nice blue. There is also no yellow. Mix Yellow-Green with a teeny bit of Cad Orange and lots of white. Another primary mixed! To mix a purple use Winsor Green and Permanent Rose and White. Vary the proportions to get a warmer or cooler color.
I also don't use a black with this palette. I mix Permanent Green Deep and Purple Madder.
Still Life #0227, 3 x 3.75 inches, oil on board, POR

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