Monday, February 18, 2008

Falling in Love (again)

I think it's happened. Or happening. It's always taken me a long time to decide. Seems to be the same in real life as in my painting life. Interesting. It's the same time of year that I fell in love with my husband. I've been working on watercolors (this go round anyway; it's been over 20 years since I spent real time with them) for about a year. I think it takes that long to feel comfortable with something/someone new. I was pretty scared/excited when I got the idea to try watercolors in a small format using the three palettes that I've been using for oils. The idea started to sprout when a student/friend in Scottsdale (Linda) asked me if the oil palettes would work with watercolors. Since I had my 20+ old watercolors already I only needed to buy a few more to get to where I needed to be with my oils. I'm still refining my selections but if anyone has any suggestions for a complementary palette I'd love to hear it. It took so much energy to get my mind around the fact that you have to go from light to dark that I didn't get that many done. Hopefully I've gotten past that point. So thanks Linda!
"Watercolor #0803", 4x3 inches on Rtistx board, POR


Photo Paul said...

and do you still love him?

Anonymous said...

More than ever! I've gotten to know so much more to love!