Tuesday, February 19, 2008

R-tis-tx boards

The R-tis-tx company send me a few of their boards to try out. I tried the watercolor ones first. I've found it to be quite a nice color and texture. Has a pearlescent look to it. Takes the watercolor well. Has anyone else used it? I wonder if I have to put glass over it? Many times I try the same set up again to see how to improve it. It usually ends up that I like something better in each one.
"Watercolor Compostition # 0804", 4x3 inches on board, POR


n. rhodes harper said...

I love your work. I even own your book! I am trying to get the courage to go back to my first love, watercolors too. It is hard to put away my oils though. So glad I found your blog.

Joyce Washor said...

Dear n.rhodes harper,
Thanks for your comment and nice to hear you read the book!