Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grapefruit Slice, Two Green Containers

My computer is in the hospital! I now have to share with my husband. Not so bad; he has a day job.
I will scan my painting asap. I had a different experience with this watercolor painting. It was a luxury because I was able to work on it for two days. (I always finish an oil painting in one day- maybe just a stroke on the second day.) I was almost going to leave the painting after the first day but after I scanned it and could barely see it I realized it could use more pigment. This is on my new R-tis-tx board. And now I see a spot I may want to fix; on green jug where handle attaches, too dark. "Grapefruit Slice, Two Green Containers" 4x3 inches, watercolor on board, POR


Rita Foster said...

your work is very impressive, they are so tiny!!

Joyce Washor said...

Thanks Rita!