Thursday, December 30, 2010

Having an Intention

This is the same painting as previous post. I thought it needed to be warmer and have a bit more color. You always have to be so careful with watercolor; too much and it's overdone, overbaked and beyond salvaging. Now I wonder if it looks more like a shallot. Oh well.
I do like having an intention before painting. It may be using three colors instead of my usual 15 or it may be trying to get the cast shadow and core shadow in one brushstroke as this study was. That was what I forgot a few days ago. But then it got me painting so that's good. Once I finished I forgot my intention. Maybe I'll write it down on back of the board before I start painting.
Onion" watercolor on board wc 1041


susan jenkins said...

Absolutely beautiful portrait of garlic.

Anonymous said...

fabulous studies...