Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Garlic with Pencil and Limited Palette or "I can't remem ber why"

I can't remember why I did another one. I can't remember if I liked the first one and thought I needed to try something else. I do remember thinking now I should put it in a group; I never do just one thing in the center, what kind of composition is that? I also forgot to mention that both these were done with only three colors; new gamboge from Daniel Smith, cobalt blue (Winsor Newton) and quinacrodone red (Winsor Newton). I wanted to say that I liked working with only three colors cause I put them out fresh and they stayed wet! I live/paint in very well heated NYC apartment and everything evaporates so quickly. I think I may work this way for awhile and see if I get enough colors to keep me happy. I think the trick may be to work with more greys. I know artists need to expand and keep trying new techniques, concepts but at this point in my life I'm wondering if I'm just not adding brain weariness. My painting mornings are fraught with too many decisions even before I get near my drafting table: do I want to paint with oils or watercolors? what do I feel inspired to paint? which support do I use? which palette? do I need to go to fruit/flower stand for new subject? and it's such a short day (maybe cause I seem to be getting up later and later)!!! And what was I so excited about yesterday? There was something I wanted to try. I do write this stuff down sometimes cause I know I'll forget but how can I forget something I was so excited about less than 24 hours ago?
Thanks for listening to my rant. Just want to add that this isn't something new. It's been happening to me since I've been painting full time. Just felt like (and remembered to write it here!)
I don't know how well you can see it but I added some pencil at the end to define the left hand side of the garlic to try and make it look less than an onion. I figured if you can start with pencil and then paint you can end with pencil also.
Cool Allium" watercolor on board, 4x3 inches

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I totally relate.
Being an artist is like starting from scratch every single day. And do.