Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to Painting

After working on two books this past year, it's great to get back to painting just for myself! (Not that iI didn't have fun putting the books together, but you know, painting is what it's all about). This is the same set-up as the cover as my oil iBook but I did it with a primary palette. In the back of my mind I'm toying with the idea of painting with a very limited palette to see if it works as well as the complementary palettes have been working for me. I've only done a few paintings and I can say I have mixed feelings. I think it's harder than I thought it would be (even though that's what I've been saying in  my books, duh!). Maybe I needed to test it again? I don't even want to post a couple of the ones I did, can barely stand to look at them myself! Maybe I shouldn't say that!

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Martyn Fox - Artist said...

Hi Joyce,
Here is the email I sent you. I'll leave it here as a comment:

I have just purchased your 2006 book “Big Art small canvas” on Amazon and love it! I can tell that it is going to get me back into art again.
I particularly like your training in complimentary pallets, which explains things so clearly.
I already feel the book is a great reference on its own, but I will purchase your iPad version to watch the DVDs.

I am writing to you to make contact; to thank you for the inspiration, and start a conversation as I work through the book...I hope you don't mind?

My first question is: on page 14 you have a picture of some gessoed gauze or canvas with the caption referring to the frame guidelines. I understand the need for frame guidelines, but what was the real caption for this image?

Thank you again for the shot in the arm. I enthusiastically look forward to working my way through your book and appreciate your hard work and efforts.

Yours in art,

Martyn Fox

PS I live near ByronBay in Australia, so inspiration for landscape painting shouldn't be too hard to find, but I really appreciate and am inspired by your still life work as well.