Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've been working on a series of onion and garlic paintings for days!! For me this is something different; when doing oils I always considered the painting finished once the paint dried, and that at the most is two days. I guess I have no one to blame except myself and the process that has developed in doing these small paintings. I know I treat them like my oils in that I look for the same amount of values so I end up layering and layering. Most have something to do with the surface I've chosen also. I work on RTsTx boards and they take a lot of wiping off and putting on. I do like the results so I keep doing it. I have been using just three colors; new gamboge by Daniel Smith, Winsor Blue Red Shade and quinacridone red. Just wanted to make a note of it not only for students but for myself also!!
"Two Onions" 3x4 inches watercolor on board

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