Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I'm not perfect!"

Here is a link to one of Ted Talks lectures. If you've never listened to one you're in for a treat. there's a wide range of topics by really great speakers. A friend passed it on to me just at a time when I was getting nervous about "doing the perfect demo" for my upcoming workshop in Naples.
I always tell myself that even if the painting doesn't come out as one my best at least the students would see the concepts and know that it's always a struggle which is part of the learning process and part of the fun. Then there's the noise in my head that says "when I was taking workshops I wanted to see great art being made, why wouldn't they?" This lecture addresses issues of courage, self-worthiness and perfectionism!! It affected me so deeply that I had dreams about it last night and woke up thinking,"yeah, I'm not perfect!" So I apologize to my students ahead of time if I don't get the best onion painting I ever did, but that doesn't mean I won't try!!