Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Gray Paintings

One hard thing about my posts is that I have to wait for the paintings to dry before I can spray varnish them and then scan them and by that time I'm into something else and can barely remember (or really want to remember because I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about now) what my motivation was when I painted this last week. I'm sure it was basically working on getting a good gray color and feeling like it was ok to explore this. It has led me into thinking about something else which I guess I'll leave until I post new paintings. It always feels so good to let one painting lead you to the next.


Elizabeth said...

Joyce, I think it is really good. I like the portrait size one. It has that hint of gold reflection in the light area of the pitcher.
Both are rally good.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Um SPAM, despite the fact that you have the verification turned on.

That aside, your paintings are just as beautiful as ever, Joyce.
I just got a visitor from your blog, Beth, who asked me some questions about my palette and I told her that I too have been influenced by your method of deciding before hand what color harmony to use. When I decide what the subject will be I decide what the color harmony will be.
Your paintings are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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