Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kristi Grusendorf's Painting

I'd like to start posting both my student's and reader's paintings and anything they have to say about them. So please email me jpegs of your paintings and I'll post 'em!!!
Kristi's website is
Kristi was in the Utah Watercolor Society workshop last month and she just sent this beauty.
Here's what she wrote:
Every year I do a Christmas still life. This year I did a red/green one with a bit of blue thrown in.
Since your workshop, all but one of the paintings I've done has been in the complementary pallettes (not the exact colors you use). I've always limited my colors so I suspect I've been doing it a bit already but your workshop has encouraged me to think in terms of the complements more often. Even though "size doesn't matter", this one is 10 x 12.


Elizabeth said...

My goodness. I opened my e-mail today sort off down and blue. It is getting colder and damper here in eastern north carolina. While I have so many paintings started and some finished that I feel neds a little tweaking, your e-mail is in my inbox.
This one also is so well done.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This is beautiful. I'm copying her link for future blog posts.