Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Pears

I worked on some watercolors today but didn't finish so I thought I'd post an older oil. I've been reading Linda Kemp's book Watercolor: Painting Outside the Lines. It explains negative painting really well. Lots of other things also. I highly recommend it. She also said that Holbein paints stay wetter longer and that she recommends working with wet paint instead of reconstituted pigment. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I wonder if I need to worry about that since I paint so small. Time and practice will tell me.
I can't help but mention that I'll be getting together with elementary and high school friends that I haven't seen in 40 years as a result of I'm so excited to see them. I know it's off topic but it's so exciting that I can't help but think it's affecting my work this week. (In a good way.)
"Two Pears" oil on board, 3x4 inches, POR


Linda said...

In the watercolor classes that I have taken, there seems to be varying opinion...use your old dried paints as it makes no difference/always use fresh paint out of the tube. Economy makes sense to me, but there is something so invigorating about opening the cap and squishing! Thank you for posting past oils as I am back in that mode...such fun! After reading about your trying a limited palette on your watercolors, I have been doing the same on the little oils. A nice change, but I do love that red/green palette!

Photo Paul said...

I love the reds in this composition. The dark red in the foreground, the the hint of it in the background. nice work Joyce...