Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Composition in Orange and Blue

Yesterday I went to NY Central which was so much nicer than going to Pearl Paint. I got a few new colors. Always exciting to get new stuff. I wanted to try more watercolor pans so I got a few Schminckes. I wanted to stay away from Winsor Newtons cause I have so many of theirs and wanted to try something new and hopefully better. Better in the sense of when rewetting the paint have it juice up nicely. Maybe there's a better term for this?? I got an Aureolin Modern, a Madder Red Dark and an Orange Transparent. Oh and a blue black which I didn't use today. Had to settle for a WN Cobalt Blue cause Schmincke didn't have one.
I used a primary palette with some orange and an even smaller amount of Prussian Blue. POR

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Linda said...

I have been away from my computer for some time and was delighted to check your site and find several new watercolors. They are just glorious! I was especially interested in your use of gouache. Thank you for sharing!