Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ashokan Reservoir watercolors

Leena asked me how I frame these small paintings- there's a pic on my website of me in front of paintings.Also, I cut the paper before I paint but I often crop them with a mat before framing. I'll have to take a pic of new white frame and post it!
Thanks Leena for the questions!

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Leena Lönnroth said...

Oh no you keep on doing these Ashokan paintings and they do not lose any of their magic. The upper one in this post manages somehow to hybridize violets (the flowers) with fells (Nordic mountains) with a touch of kaamos (arctic darkness) in a way that goes straight to my heart. I still haven't googled Ashokan reservoir so I do not know where that is and what it "really" looks like, because so far I am happy associating these landscapes with Kiruna in Northern Sweden that I have good memories from.
Thank you, I found your pictures of framed paintings. White will surely work well, and I think a very pale cool grey would also be spot on.
What price do you put on these paintings?