Monday, June 23, 2014

6x6 inches!

Every once in awhile I try a "larger" painting just to see how it feels. It was ok. For me it's not as much fun as painting 3x4 inches. Go figure!
And this is my first peony from my new garden in Woodstock, NY. I'm so loving living here! Not getting too much painting done because a lot of energy is going into setting up new house and figuring out new kitchen! I used my new non-toxic oils also! Loving them!
"Garden Peony", 6x6 oil on canvas

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Joyce Washor said...

Gary, You asked about Kamar Varnish. It's a spray varnish that 's made by Krylon. It's temporary and it allows you to protect your work, rework it and brings the colors back to life after they've dried. Do you notice how the colors sink into canvas and get duller?