Saturday, January 25, 2014

Primary Palette with Water Soluble Oils

I"ve been trying different brands of water soluble oils. First was Grumbacher, then Winsor Newton and now finally found the best; Holbein Duo Aqua Oils. They are just like working with oils. Loveing them. Anyone use a varnish on these? Think I'm going to fix that highlight on the front rose. Didn't see it until just now!
"Pitcher and Roses", oil, 4x3 inches.


Nancy Standlee said...

Love reading your insights on water soluble oils & great painting

Maggie Latham said...

Joyce, Kamar spray varnish for oil and acrylic? Or cold wax medium, maybe?
I wanted to ask you which six colors you would recommend to buy as starter colors to try these out? I have used W&N in the past and didn’t like them, so have given them away! I would like to try the ones you have recommended here, but some advice with colors would be helpful. Also wanted to add that your continued dedication to painting small in a variety of media is infectious and inspiring. I love to paint small too, and have been experimenting with lots of different surfaces for watercolor, acrylic and oils. You first book some years ago, really got me going on the path to painting small. Are you still using gessoed hardboard for your oils? Can you really just clean up with soap and water, and do you mix plain water to thin the paints down or one of the recommended oil mediums? Hope you don’t mind all the questions, but I am so interested in becoming better with oils, and water mixable might suite me well coming from a watercolor background.

Mark W. Bidstrup said...

What a nice painting. Great insights as well!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Beautiful painting! I love the looseness and energy of your brush strokes. Your heart and personality are always there whatever the subject, or medium. Thanks for your comment on Orange/Cup~I did brush transparent oxide red on the board first.