Friday, October 11, 2013

Big Art Small Canvas review

Here's a review that I recently received that made me feel so good. It's an honor to be able to help other people on their artistic journeys! Thanks Lionel!

Among all the books I purchased in the last few years, this is the one that influenced me the most. The book has 2 parts. The first one explains every detail of the painting process from mixing the colors to putting highlights on an object. It is full of concise and clear instructions and every idea is illustrated with a painting and notes e.g: "the sky color is dragged into the mountain making the value lighter and helping it recede into the background". It is as close to a live class as you can get. In the second part, the author demonstrates her 4 step process with almost 20 of her paintings. Before this book my paintings were too horrible to even gift them to my family! I started with the simple lemon painting in the book and 4 years later, I had the confidence to make a painting exhibit! Thank you Joyce! 

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