Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DVD Sale!

My husband and I have found a townhouse complex that we love in Woodstock, NY ! We used to live there as weekenders but now that hubby is retired, we can move back full time! Yippee! Can't wait. I will have a studio again! (I now paint in our bedroom; good thing it's mainly watercolors and that I paint small.) I haven't posted because we've been involved in all this real estate stuff which takes my mind away from painting.
I have a limited supply of the oil and watercolor DVDs that I would like to offer for $20 each which includes shipping in the U.S. Other countries would be a bit more. Europe is about $5.00. Please send me an email at joycewashor@joycewashor.com and I will send you a paypal invoice or you can send me a check. If you click on paypal buttons that are on blog opening page, I can refund the difference of the original price. Each of these DVDs are 60 minutes and show the progression of the paintings shown below.

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