Saturday, May 18, 2013

White Watercolor Flowers and Robert Genn blog

Another version of previous set up.
As I've mentioned before, I receive twice weekly emails from the Canadian painter, Robert Genn. (You can sign up too!) One recent post asked the question of how do you know when the painting is finished?
Someone said, when the painting is sold. That may put an end to it for most of us, but there's a story about Inness who sold a painting to a NJ museum and then slipped into the museum in the middle of the night  to work on it some more. Hah!
Another story is that someone bought a painting and then let the artist "add a few strokes" and was then presented with an entirely different painting! True!
I wrote:

It's finished when you've put all you know about yourself AT THAT POINT into the painting.  The reason paintings are never finished is that you keep learning.  (I knew someone who worked on a SKETCH for a painting for years.  Really!)  

What do you think?

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