Monday, December 12, 2011

Yellow Onion with Red/Green Palette

I decided to take on a project. Actually it's an old idea from my teacher Hong Nian Zhang at The Woodstock School of Art. He taught us three complementary palettes. (RED/GREEN, BLUE/ORANGE and YELLOW/PURPLE). I was never able to keep a predominately single color in any of my paintings like he did (I ended up using his palettes but getting a different color sense which is perfectly fine) so I'm going to concentrate on this concept and see if I can do 6 onions in each of the primary and secondary colors. Now that I've said this outloud I wonder how far I will get!
Yellow Onion with Red/Green Palette, 4x3", watercolor on board


Harith Harry said...

like this

Taze said...

I looks very geate :) I draw something too

RoseAnn Hayes said...

You've got me interested - looking forward to seeing the rest of the onion studies! The first one is a beaut!