Sunday, January 10, 2010

A friend of mine, Mary Jean Weber is organizing a trip to Umbria, Italy. Unfortunately I'm not able to attend but I thought I'd publish info in case someone else is interested.
Artists Abroad Presents a return to incredible Umbian Hill Towns: An Italian adventure in paintitnd and exploring ancient perched villages. A non-instructional painting trip- May 23- June 6 2010. #3500 for two weeks. Contact Mary Jean at 513-697-0852.

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UmbriaLovers said...

That's a nice trip: painting and travelling. If your friend need more info about umbria you can send her a link to our blog: she can also contact us if she needs anything.

Have a great painting/trip in Umbria, there're so many things to paint about... (bring a lot of green colours! :-))