Friday, December 11, 2009

Silver Metamorphosis

My trusted Permelba White seemed much much drier than usual. I don't know if you have this experience but sometimes it comes out of the tube oilier or not so oily. I don't know how old this tube is (I'm sure I don't use it as much as most people since my paintings are so small and I would always prefer to use any other color besides white to change the value).
Anywho, I have a tube (old also) of Old Holland Light Yellow which is a really nice white with just a touch of yellow in it. I figured I'd use that until I get to Pearl Paint to get a tube of Permelba. (BTW, the shelves at Pearl were almost bare; what's up with that?) My plan was to either keep doing yellow/purple palette paintings or go out of my box and use it in one of the other palettes. As it turned out I have gotten smitten with yellows. Two of the four paintings are dry so I've posted these two. I was working on getting more subtle; instead of pink flowers do whitish/yellow ones. and gray down the background and the tabletop.
I've been dreaming brushstokes this week. Really nice. Love when that happens.
Also, was watching "The End of an Affair" with Julianne Moore and noticed that the sets all seem to be tones of yellow!!! OMG!! Our grandkids are coming for dinner tomorrow so I won't be able to paint until... Hope this feeling continues.


Fernando Pena said...

Hi, wonderful paintings in your blog

Lisa Daria said...

Beautiful. And I can't believe how small you are working - remarkable!

Linda said...

Oh, oh, oh... These are just exquisite!!!