Thursday, October 1, 2009

Onions And Green Grapes

I always find it fun to do the same setup in two or more of my palettes. The one on top is yellow/purple and the one on bottom is orange/blue.
I really should be packing for our Utah trip but this is too much fun to stop!
Here is a small clip of a 60 minute DVD entitled "Bubble Glass and Onion". It's $35 and includes shipping in the U.S. I do 95% of my watercolors on RTsTx boards. Really like them! I will be bringing them to the workshop.


Susan Jenkins said...

These paintings are just beautiful,Love your oils and your water colors and I love your book!

I so enjoy receiving them in my in box!

Have a great trip!!


Joyce Washor said...


Kathy said...

A very effective and informative experiment in color theory! Beautifully painted, too!