Sunday, July 12, 2009

Working on video

I painted this on video. Still working on the tech stuff. Learning a lot about imovie. I didn't do the sound yet. and still figuring out how much to compress it before I burn it to a disc. Anyone know about this?


James said...

There's something about some watercolours that is very pleasing to look at and you do it well. I think it's the confidence and clarity of the colours you use and the way you apply them. Maybe it's a good discipline to paint so small because then you aren't inclined to muddy them so much.

That cup inside shadow is painted well - I'm tempted to ask you your palette but I think I'll either have a guess or investigate your canon of work to see what you clues you are giving.

Really tasty work.

Joyce Washor said...

My palettes are explained in a previous post. Thanks for your comments!!!