Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Watercolor Color: Daler-Rowney Artists' Raw Umber

I went to Pearl Paint recently and looked at many different tubes of Raw Umber by many different manufacturers and saw that Daler-Rowney Artists' Raw Umber is the greenest one. I was so happy. It was like Christmas. I'm sure you've had that feeling. The Raw Umber I had been using was Winsor Newton and it was way too red for my liking.
My reds are along the left side going down and my greens are on the top going across. The raw unber is the sixth one from the left on top row. It goes down. I mix it with each of the reds. I highly recommend this exercise. And then you can save the chart as a handy reference for mixing color!
I use raw umber in the yellow/purple palette also. I will most likely post that next.

Red/Green Palette:
WN Chinese White, Schmincke Blue Black
Greens: Old Holland Cinnabar Green Light Extra, WN Sap Green, WN Hooker’s Green, WN Prussian Blue, WN Viridian, WN Winsor Green (Blue Shade), Daler-Rowney Artists' Raw Umber
Reds: Scmincke Translucent Orange, WN Cadmium Orange, WN Quinacidrone Red, WN Cadmium Red, WN Permanent Rose, WN Alizarin Crimson, Holbein Light Red

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