Monday, February 23, 2009

Another 8x10

Fairway is a large grocery store in NYC. They have great organic produce and practically anything else you can think of. They always have flowers also. Now that my husband is retiring I can shop during the day instead of weekends when it is unbelievably crowded. We also got some cheesecake which was superb. Better than Juniors! (Famous diner in Brooklyn.)


Gary said...

Joyce - another 8"x10"!
This has got to stop - one thing will lead to another - then before long it will be 'the Sistine Chapel Ceiling'

Gary said...

Hi Joyce - it's me again from Wales.
I have just relalised that by double clicking on you pictures that I can zoom/zoom/zzzzoom in on your brush strokes. This is so good as it gives an idea to how the paint is being applied -- very useful to a new mini-painter. It shows practically how the planes and contours are being painted.
I hope this is useful to others

Gary said...

Hi Joyce - I am learning such a lot since reading your book.
My latest somewhat shocking discovery is that BRUSH SIZES ARE NOT STANDARDISED. So when in you book you suggest perhaps 0/2, 1 & 2brushes as a starter. A No.2 Filbert could be anything from 2mm to 6mm wide - a big difference. I see for the first time why artists always name the brush maker.
(In the larger sizes of brushes for large paintings a No 14 varies between 12mm & 27mm width).
I will be very carefully before buying brushes in the future.

Joyce Washor said...

Yes, and the same applies to paints as you probably already know.
Just to make life interesting...
And thanks for your comments on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Just realised your backgrounds aren't just any old backgrounds. They are an integral part of the painting. anyway i like the way they work!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Joyce, I have appreciated your work since I read about it in a workshop magazine some months ago. 8x10? wow.