Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still Life with Honey Jar and Sunflower

It's funny how paintings get made. Well, I can only talk about my paintings really. I was reading American Artist Magazine and was inspired by a dark green painting with a single tomato bookended by two pieces of garlic. It was an add for a school which said, "classical instruction for a new generation of old masters". I got my red/green palette ready and mixed a dark green. I can't remember what else I put in the set up and really don't want to look at it again (ever) but I know I didn't like it. Next thing I knew I turned the green into red and got this painting. It turned out to be a study in reds. One accent; the yellow sunflower. I think some people just see and maybe are comfortable with a portion of the color wheel.
"Still Life with Honey Jar and Sunflower", 3x4 inches, oil on board, POR

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Joyce, thanks for commenting on my blog - and I wish you a Happy New Year as well! I'm thrilled about your new book, and can't wait to get it. I really like this painting, and I agree about having an affinity with a portion of the color wheel!